Should I Grow My Biz As An Academic Coach?

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Should I become an Academic Life Coach? | Gretchen Wegner

Perhaps you've already started a business as a tutor or an Academic Life Coach, but you're struggling to get it off the ground. Your heart pitter-patters with delight at the thought of working 1:1 with motivated teenagers. You're eager to find more sustainable work for yourself in the field of education, but you're nervous about scary tasks like what to charge, how to market, and how to interface anxious parents.

My name is Gretchen Wegner. I have a successful Academic Life Coaching business, and I consistently get emails from folks like you asking to "pick my brain" about how my business runs so smoothly. 

I've designed this FREE 10-day course to answer your gazillion questions about what life is like as a self-employed academic life coach, and whether this is a realistic next step for you.

This course is for you if you're a tutor, an academic coach, or anyone who wants to start a business as an Academic Life Coach without struggling to figure it all out on their own.

Does that sound like you?

Each day in an email-a-day, I will share:

  • An honest look at my life as an academic coach, including my client load, schedule, rates, and more.
  • The mistakes I made at the beginning that slowed down the growth of my business, and what I suggest you do instead
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  • Five “must have systems” to put in place right away, so that you lay the groundwork for inevitable success
  • How to make a realistic business plan for yourself, so that you can figure out if this work is right for you
  • Interviews with 5+ other academic life coaches, including their successes and challenges in the first year of getting their business up and running, so you can better imagine what's in store and whether you can hack it, and
  • An opportunity to apply for a free hour-long “Should I Grow My Biz As An Academic Coach?” Strategy Session. We'll create a sample business plan, think through best and worst case scenarios, and decide your next steps need to be to get this party started!

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